Runnymede Park's Monarch Waystation 

The Monarch Waystation was installed as a garden for butterflies to find and use. Monarch Butterflies need particular plants on which to lay eggs so that their caterpillars can hatch and feed.  Other butterflies also can use the garden when they are looking for flower nectar to sip.

First step - enriching the soil with lots of compost.  Jay Hadlock, Bill Brown, Roger Ritter.

First planting is finished.  Bill Brown, Daly Chin, Georgina Chin, Della Brown, Robin Duska, Jay Hadlock, Jen Richardson.

Mayor Lisa Merkel signed the “Mayors for Monarchs” on May 24 of that year.  Pictured, left to right:  Bill Brown, Mayor Merkel, Carol Hadlock, Jay Hadlock, Della Brown.

25 people attended the unveiling of the Monarch Waystation sign on July 2.