Native Plant Project

What is the Native Plant Project?

The purpose of the Native Plant Project is to highlight the value of locally native plants to the environment, the homeowner, and the community at large; and to encourage the use of these plants in the landscape. The project is sponsored by the Friends of Runnymede Park, a Herndon, Virginia, non-profit organization. It is funded through a grant from the Nelson J and Katherine Friant Post Foundation.

Why are locally native plants important?

Native plants have evolved naturally and adapted to an area’s sun, water, and climate conditions. That means they will require less fertilizer and less water. They also provide good sources of food for wildlife. Native plants allow us to create distinctive, attractive landscapes.They attract beneficial insects and the songbirds, turtles, frogs, and other wild creatures that brighten our yards.

How can I plant a native garden?

Find the plants that are locally native to your area and that will meet the needs of your soil and sun conditions. Choose plants that will give height layers to your landscaping. Consider trees, shrubs, and ground hugging perennials that will provide the broadest array of shelter for wildlife.Look for plants that bloom at different times to add color to your garden throughout the season.Most landscapers and nurseries carry native plants. Ask your favorite nurseries to put identifying signs on plants that are locally native. 

Where can I find more information?

In Virginia you can go to: