About Us

A COVID-time Message:

During non-COVID times, we offer guided walks in the park, highlighting birds, native plants, insects, and frogs.  During the COVID pandemic, we encourage people to use the park by walking its trails, breathing the fresh air, and enjoying nature, all while exercising the best practices known to science for avoiding COVID, namely, maintaining physical distance and wearing facemasks when close proximity is inevitable. We are looking forward to a time when we can recommence holding public events at the park.

.Please enjoy safely visiting the park, meantime.

Our Mission

The mission of Friends of Runnymede Park is to protect, enhance, and preserve the physical, natural, and cultural heritage of this special public parkland in the Town of Herndon, Virginia. 

We accomplish this mission through outreach programs that engage our citizens in environmental stewardship year-round, fun activities such as NatureFest on the last Sunday in September and on site work activities such as the annual Stream and Park Cleanup in March.

We produce educational brochures and maps of the park and join with the Town of Herndon’s Community Forester and other Town leadership to further this mission.


The Friends of Runnymede Park is a non profit organization based in Herndon, Virginia. We assist the town in the stewardship of this 58-acre natural park.

  • Highlight the value of the park's diverse wildlife habitats, the functions of ecosystems and environmental interactions.
  • Channel donations of money and materials to the park. Act as a sounding board for plans that are proposed, particularly to ensure that low-impact goals are understood and respected.
  • Encourage professional societies and natural resource groups to contribute to park objectives.
  • Serve as a link to community and neighborhood groups.
  • Assist with physical improvements, accessibility, nature interpretation, environmental education, sensitive improvements, and access to scientific and technical resources.
  • Support Town of Herndon initiative to provide effective and continuing management of Runnymede Park as a natural park. 
  • Help the public appreciate the fun, value, and beauty of a well protected natural park.

Want to know more?

Please contact us via email at: friendsofrp@yahoo.com

Mailing address:

Friends of Runnymede Park
P.O. Box 203
Herndon, VA 20172